Leaupure Manual Water softener with 5 Year Warranty

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Side effects of hard water are immense and most of the households are seriously facing it. Regular use of the hard water not only ruins your hair, but also has very bad impact on clothes, utensils, sanitary fittings and washing machine.

Leaupure 3000 domestic water softener uses high quality blue ion-resin and it works up to 1200 ppm hardness level.

There are several benefits of choosing Leaupure 3000 domestic water softener, it keeps spotless, cleaner and shinier crockery and utensils, it reduces consumption of detergent, soap, shampoo etc. It also preserves the life of appliances such as: Washing machines, water heater and laundry equipment. It prevents tap flush, shower head, plumbing line from clogging due to deposition of calcium. It gives soft and clean skin, smooth and shiny hair, healthy and shiny teeth.

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L’eaupure Water softener comes with 5 year warranty*

Offers best quality resin from Ion Exchange and Free home delivery with Free service for one year.

Training for customer for regenration will be provided.

Min Working Pressure : 1.8 kgcm2.
Resin Quntity : 100 Ltr
Max Flow Rate : 3000 LPH
Max Working Pressure : 3.5
Salt for Regeneration : 16 kg
Hardness Test Kit : Free

Vessel Diameter In Inch 13
Vessel Height In Inch 54
Ion-Exchange Resin Quantity In Liter 220 NA 100
Sodium Quantity in Kg Each Regeneration 16
Output(1000) Ltrs on 200 ppm Hardness 30
Regeneration Period in Days on 500 ltrs per day use 60
Maximum Flow Rate(X1000 Ltrs/ Hour) 30
Brine Tank Capacity(Litres) 80
Multiport Valve Designer Valve with Vessel color matching
Multiport Valve Size & Mounting 25NB/Top
Maximum Operating Pressure(Kg/cm²) 3.5 Bar


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