UF Membrane FOR WATER PURIFIERS(Spiral Wounded UF)

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Features Spiral Wound UF Chemical purifier UV purifier
Technology Spiral Wound Ultra-filtration membrane Chemical Radiation
Water Appearance Sparkling clear Clear Clear
Water Taste Natural Chemical taste After taste
Removes Bacteria & Virus Yes Not fool proof Not fool proof
Removes Cysts & Spores Yes No No
Protects from Amoebiasis & Giardiasis Yes Not Fool Proof Not Fool Proof
Removes Turbidity Yes No No
Removes Colloids Yes No No
Electricity consumption No No Yes
Maintenance Minimal High Very High
  • Why have a water purification system at all?

Water is life, without which life ceases to exist. More than anything else, the fact that 8 out of 10 diseases are waterborne makes it absolutely necessary to purify the water before consumption.

  • Which is the best water purification technology available?

Membrane Technology is the superior and the best method of water purification available today. Membrane water purifiers are reliable and dependable which makes them different from other water purifying methods like chemical purifiers & UV purifiers, as they do not depend on chemical dosing or UV rays or the level of contamination for the efficient purification of water for drinking.

  • Why should one choose Permionics water purifiers?

As stated above, Membrane Technology is the best water purification method available today, and Permionics is the Pioneer of Membrane Technology in India. We have been in water industry for the last 30 years and are the only Indian company making all the three types of membranes used for domestic water purification for drinking purpose ie. Ultra-Filtration, Nano-filtration and RO. Permionics believes in giving healthy and right solution to the customers, hence makes different water purifiers for different water quality.

  • What is Permionics UF water purifier?

Permionics UF water purifier is India’s original membrane water purifier. It is based on Ultra-filtration membrane technology, and is basically designed for low TDS water, TDS below 500 ppm for eg. municipal water.

  • Why Permionics UF gives you safe water?

Permionics UF water purifiers use as their active element, Ultra Filtration Membrane with pores so fine (.01 micron) that micro-organisms are unable to pass through therefore acting as an effective barrier against pathogenic micro-organisms, colloidal matter and other physical impurities. This process does not use added chemicals or even electricity. This is a method of complete purification whereby not even bacterial debris remains in water. This process can be compared to the natural purification process occurring in plant tissues whereby plants absorb purified water from dirty subsoil water with the aid of their natural cell membranes. On comparison, these filters prove to be the best to combat the influx of waterborne, illness causing pathogens (bacteria and virus).

  • How does Permionics UF work if it doesnt require electricity?

Permionics UF (and all our UF products) works with the overhead tank water pressure. Permionics UF has been designed to give 15 to 20 LPH at 10 ft. head. The output will be directly proportional to the height of overhead tank. However, the min. head required is 10 ft.

  • Can we use a pump to operate Permionics UF?

Over head tank water pressure is sufficient for our UF range of water purifiers, and they are not designed to operate on Pump, as high pressure would result in increased flow rate (beyond the limit of the product) which in turn would lead to quicker fouling/choking of membrane

  • Does the efficiency of UF membrane reduce over time?

Never! It could happen the flow rate may come down to 10 drops after years of usage. But the last drop, which you will get, will be as pure as the first drop. That is Permionics Membrane That is Quality!

  • When should one replace the membrane?

When the pure water flow from the membrane reduces, it is an indication that membrane has started choking. You could get it serviced since there is a possibility of retrieving membrane flow by flushing out the contaminants. Despite this cleaning, if there is no improvement in the output flow, then the membrane has to be replaced with a new one.

  • What is the importance of daily flushing?

Flushing the system once daily for two to three minutes will ensure that all impurities separated by membrane are flushed out regularly, which will enhance the life of the membrane. If the feed water quality is bad, the flushing should be done more frequently

  • Will there be huge wastage of water?

No! Water wastage will be negligible, as there is no other reject water flow than flushing

  • Will Permionics UF remove dissolved salts from water?

Permionics UF is designed for low TDS water from which we only need to remove turbidity, colloids and disease causing bacteria and virus. It will not change the chemical composition of water.



UF Membrane for less TDS water.


Permionics Ultra-filtration Membrane has pores so fine making sure that there is not a chance that any bacteria, virus or cysts (that cause Amoebiasis and Giardiasis) can slip by. Presenting Permionics range of UF water purifiers for 100% pure and natural drinking water to keep your family healthy!
Only Permionics water purifier gives you 100% Protection & 100% Peace of mind. Because water from Permionics is 100% safe. Free from all bacteria & virus (including their floating dead bodies), yet retaining all the minerals and essential salts, so vital to growth and health.



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