Pureit Ultima RO+UV


Height486 mm
Width360 mm
Depth311 mm
Weight9.5 kgs
Purified water flow rate[Average]*Approximately 9 – 12 Litre per hour
Water storage capacity10 Litres**
6 Stage purifying technology Pre-Sediment filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, Post-Carbon Sediment Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UV reactor and Post-RO Carbon Filter
Membrane type Thin film composite spiral wound
Pump TypeDiaphragm pump, 24V DC
% Recovery*Typically 25%
TDS Reduction***Upto 90%
Power Rating60 Watts
Pressure rating5–30

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Purity Indicator: Constantly senses, measures and shows the quality of input and output water.
Digital Advance Alert System: The two concentric circles on the Digital Display Panels show the ongoing consumption of the GermKill Kit and alerts you 15 days before the End- of-Life of the kit.
100% RO and UV: 100% water passes through RO and UV to give to completely safe water always
TDS Modulator: A TDS Modulator that adds minerals post-purification and enhances the taste of water
RO Protection Lock: RO Protection Lock that automatically stops the flow of water when Germkill kit expires
Removes 1 Crore Virus: Removes 1 crore virus in 1 litre of water
Advanced 6-stage Purification: Advanced 6-stage Purification through RO+UV technology
Guided Alert System: Guided Alert system that intelligently alerts you in case of specific electrical faults
TDS Removal upto 2000 PPM: Turns hard water upto 2000 ppm into soft and sweet water
Large 10L Water Storage: Large 10L water storage

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