Pureit Advanced 14L


Break-Resistance Tap
Multi-Stage Purification
5 Litre Water Storage Capacity
Auto Shut-Off
Activated Carbon Trap
Practical Design
HIPS / ABS body


Advanced 14L with its Double protection ensures your family always gets pure water.

Break-Resistance Tap:
Tested up to 50,000 times to ensure durability.

Multi-Stage Purification:
Multi-Stage Purification process through Programmed Germkill Technology that gives only pure water.

5 Litre Water Storage Capacity:
Ensures that you never run out of safe water

Auto Shut-Off:
Promises purity of water

Activated Carbon Trap:
Removes harmful pesticides & undesirable odour

Practical Design:
Gives you a warning before Germkill Kitâ„¢ needs to be changed

HIPS / ABS body:
Strong plastic to ensure purifier has a long life


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