Oxichip ( Biosantiser ) New Revolution in water treatment

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Innovative Solution

Increase Active Oxygen into Key reaction.

150 Mg Of Oxichip = 1 Acre of Natural Forest in terms of active Oxygen.

Offered Rate is for 1 MG, Qty differs as per water quality and project.


You Will get potable water as per WHO.


Use of Oxichip in source water like; Borewell will correct the water as per WHO guidelines
& combining with treatment plant, will increase efficiency of treatement plant.


Time Frame – 3 to 9 Months as Per water Qulity.
Guarantee – Long Life Success

100 in stock (can be backordered)


What is Oxychip?

Converts  pollution into profits.

Goes  to the root cause of pollution.

 Natural Nano catalyst immobilized on stable carrier

 The key reaction involves production of active oxygen

 It acts as a natural factory that produces active oxygen, using pollution as the raw material.

 Active oxygen also takes care of pathogens and toxic organics.

 It is a Nano-forest that can be used in any polluted liquid or gas, to convert pollution into resources.

OxyChip Mechanism.

All pollution problems get tackled in low-nitrate system

  • Each plant has Enzymes that operate in specific band of Nitrates
  • Oxichip is a broad band Biocatalyst
  • 150 mg of Oxichip = 1 acre of Natural Forest in terms of action
  • Offers Compact Speedy, Broadband Phytoremediation

Oxychip can Remediate.

Turbidity, Color, odor, particulate matter, Oil, PH, BOD, COD, Unpleasant taste etc.

  • Pathogens ( Protozoa, bacteria, viruses ),parasites etc.
  • Toxic Organics – pharmaceuticals.
  • Excess of Inorganics: Ca, Mg, Si, Na, Cl, F, Fe, Nitrate, } Sulphate, Carbonate, Bicarbonates, P, Heavy Metals etc.
  • However retains essential Minerals in the right formula } Produces tasty, “Healing Water

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