Livpure Knight RO Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

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  • 8 Stage high precision filtration to filter impurities in water and ensure pure water quality
  • High efficiency and low noise compressor for stable cold water output
  • High quality sensor to automaticlly control the water level in the hot water tank, Double protection of thermostat to prevent dry running heater
  • Childproof faucet for hot water outlet to ensure the protection of children using the product
  • Adopted international standard quick connect fitting technology, which has outstanding sealing to prevent water leakage
  • Filters are cleaned by the machine periodically to provide pure water
  • Special Filter design chelates scale causing salts in water to prevent scaling on membrane layers resulting improved purification capacity and increase life of membrane.


This is a top-tier water dispenser for providing hot and cold water. It is innovation and class combined, and has quite many things automated internally so as to avoid any human intervention.

Salient features of the dispenser:

The hot and cold water dispenser because of the built-in sensor, automatically controls the water level in the hot water tank. The filters are cleaned at fixed intervals by the machine.

The dispenser is completely leak-proof as a result of the international standard sealing technology. The thermostat present adds double protection to prevent heater from dry running.

The compressor of the dispenser produces low noise and provides cold water output. Its special filter design doesn’t let any scales to deposit on membrane layers resulting in purification capacity and extended life of water dispenser.

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Its purification capacity is 12 liters per hour, and it uses RO + UV + UF + Taste Enhancer technology for purifying water.

The water dispenser uses the following 7 stages for water filtration:

Pre filter: The input water first reaches this stage of filtration. The filter helps remove coarse impurities from water such as stray hair, rust, etc. It prevents clogging of other filters down the line. Note that this filter needs to be changed periodically because of accumulation of dirt.

Sediment filter: This is the second stage of filtration and it in the general sense tackles both coarse and fine particles or sediments present in the water.

Pre-activated Carbon filter cum adsorber: It takes care of all the odor-causing elements from the water, making the water taste natural. Here, the water is rid of chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, etc. and other impurities.

Anti-scalant cartridge: As the name suggests, the water that passes through this cartridge doesn’t cause scaling on the membrane (RO) of the filter. The cartridge acts with the salts present in the water and forms chemical bonds. This is the filter (that we talked about above) that prolongs life of the filter.

RO membrane: Water in the membrane is put through high pressure before it reaches the RO membrane. It eliminates chemicals such as THMs, heavy metals, hardness, and other salts. It also gets rid of pathogens such as bacteria, virus, etc. inhabiting the water.

UV disinfection column: Water that passes through this column is rid of bacteria, virus, and protozoa. In general, any microbes that are left out by RO membrane is filtered out here.

Post Carbon cartridge: This is the final stage of purification. Care is taken that both organic and inorganic impurities from above filters are eliminated here. Water that goes out from here is pristine, odorless, and clear from any contamination.

Indicators and alarm:

On the front panel, you will find a number of indicators. These include: Power, Cooling, Heating, and Water Shortage. If you find the UV column needs replacement or fails, there is a UV Failure Alarm to indicate this.

Storage Tank Capacity 4.5 Litres ( Hot Water – 1 Ltr, Cold water – 3.5 Ltr)
Purification Cartridges
  • Pre Filter
  • Sediment Filter
  • Pre Activated Carbon Filter Cum Adsorber
  • Anti-Scalant Cartridge
  • RO Membrane
  • UV Disinfection Column
  • Post Carbon Cartridge
Material Of Construction Food Grade Material
Product Dimension (W*D*H) (Mm) 310*345*1036
Installation Floor Dispensor
Purification Technology RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer
Purifier Preference Table top
Stages Of Purification 8 Stages
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels Upto 1500 ppm
Purification Capacity Upto 12 Litres/hour*
Type Of Purifier Electric
Max Duty Cycle Upto 75 Litres/day
Filter Replacement Cycle Upto 6000 Litres *Filter life may affect by input water Quality
RO Membrane 75-80 Gallons Per Day
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite
UV Disinfection Column 24 Liters/hour (Design Registration No.- 264546)
UF Cartridge 0.1 µm
Maximum Inlet Pressure 3 Kg/**
Minimum Inlet Pressure 0.3 Kg/*
Input Voltage 140-300 V AC/50 Hz
Operating Voltage 24 V DC
Indicator 1. Power 2. Cooling 3. Heating 4. Water Shortage
Alarms UV Failure Alarm
Hot Water Capacity 4 Litres/Hour (≤ 85°C)
Cold Water Capcity 2 Litres/Hour (≤ 10°C)
Auto Shut Off Yes
Replacement Cycle Yes
Service Type Direct by company trained service engineer at customer site


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