Leaupure VIVO 6 Stage RO

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Leaupure Vivo is Latest 6 stage Purifier. RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster with warranty for one year for only electrical parts. 12 Month warranty for full unit in Bangalore.

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6 Stage Leaupure VIVO comes with Free External Filter and Free Installation and full one year warranty for all spares only in Bangalore.
Outside Bangalore Customer has to pay Rs.500 Instalatin charges and Each service request Rs.350 to the local service provider which will be arranged by paanimart.
All spares carry one year warranty only when customer send the spares back to paanimart team.

TDS Reduction 90 to 95%.
Works up to 1500 TDS
Less reject water
More Pure water, Less Maintenance cost”


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