L’eaupure Alkaline RO with TDS dsiplay

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India’s First RO with essential minerals and Actual TDS display.
14 Stage Purifier.
100% Chlorine Remover
Magnetic Softener
Alkaline, Anti oxident, Minerals
Negative ORP

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1 St Stage: Pre-filter
2nd Stage: Antiscalant
3rd Stage: Sediment Filter
4th Stage: Chlorine Remover with Precarbon
5th Stage: RO Membrane
6th Stage: UV Sterilization
7th Stage:UF for TDS
8th Stage:Alkaline Filter
9th Stage:Anti oxident
10th Stage: Negative ORP
11th Stage:Magnetic Softner
12 th Stage:Added Minerals like Ca,NA,Mg,K
13 th Stage:Post Silver carbon
14 th Stage:PH Level Adjuster.


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