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Leaupure 6000 LPH Water Softener (Aventura or Pentair)-9 B Model


98,000.00 75,000.00


6000 LPH Water softener  from L’eaupure brand ( Vessel make Aventura or Pentair)


  • High performance FRP filament wound outer shell
  • Top and Side manhole for easy filling and removal of media
  • Sight glass to examine process operation during service, regeneration and backwash
  • Inlet and outlet flanges are compatible with standard PP top distributors and bottom collectors
  • 100% corrosion resistance
  • Light weight and easy to install at site
  • Applications
     Industrial water and wastewater filtration
     Commercial water filtration
     Softening application
     Demineralization application
     Iron removal filters
  • Operating Conditions
     Operating pressure 5 bar
     Test pressure 9 bar
     Maximum operating temperature 65°C
  • Leaupure 6000 LPH Water softener will give 30000 Ltr Soft water for 500 PPM hardness aprox.
  • 40 KG Salt needed for regeneration.
  • If you use 3000 Ltr per day regeneration will be once in 10 days.

Free Delivery and Installation in Bangalore.

Plumbing Materials cost need to be paid by the customer.

Regeneration service cost Rs.450 per service.

Free Regeneration for 2 to 3 times to train customer.

Free Hardness test kit.