Leaupure 16 stage with Silver Nano Technology and PH Adjuster.

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16 Stage Purification how it works?

1 st Stage: Pre-filter for cleaning mud up to 5 micron.
2nd Stage: Anti scalant for stopping scaling formation.
3rd Stage: Imported High Quality Magnetic Softener for reduce hardness.
4th Stage: Sediment Filter for Cleaning turbidity up to 5 micron.
5th Stage:4 in 1 Filter a) Pre-carbon for bad smell and bad odur removal.
b) Chlorine remover for 100% Chlorine removal for better membrane life in Municipal Water.
c) Hardness Removal will remove 50% hardness from water for better Membrane life.
d) Anti-scalant for stopping scaling formation on membrane.

10th Stage: RO Filter with HIGH TDS Membrane for any water up to 3000 TDS.
11 thStage: Silver Nano Technology.
12 th Stage:Alkaline Filter with 4 in1 Ceramic balls.
Alkaline Ceramic balls for added Minerals like Ca,Na,K& Mg.
Anti-oxidant Alkaline Ceramic balls.
Negative ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) ceramic balls .
Post Nano Silver Carbon for better Water taste.
17thStage:TDS Adjuster with UF for Manual TDS adjustment Optional


L’eaupure 16 stage Alkaline water purifier new model comes with latest technology which will ensure 100% Pure stored water.
After RO Process if you store any RO water in Storage tank there is a chance of Fungul or bacterial growth.

If you install the Silver Ionization water disinfection system for any RO Product it will take care of below points.

Salient Features:
Works on Nano Technology
Bacteriological water quality as per IS10500 and IS14543
Replace UV , UF ,Ozonization and Chlorination for Pure water.
Good residual effect,Water can be stored for longer period of time even protects from secondary contamination.

No Bio Fouling in storage tanks .

Why Silver Nano ?


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