Leaupure 1500

18,990.00 14,990.00

Installation  and Plumbing materials need to be given by the customer.


Leaupure 1500 water softener used for Bathroom or single point connection.

We will deliver and install in Bangalore, Rest of Bangalore you need to manage on your own.

Water Softener for bath room or 500 LPD use.

For the water hardness of 500 PPM

This Water softener will give you approx 2500 Ltr  Soft water before Regeneration.

Salt Required for the regeneration 130 Gm.

Life of the Resin: 2 to 3 years

Resin make: Ion exchange 220 NA

Vessel Make:Pentair

Model Name A1500
Type Manual
Specification For Hard water up to 750 PPM


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