KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher

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Model Name KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher
Model Number 11056
Net Weight 887 g
Body Material Food-grade Plastic (Jug: PC)
Product Dimensions (mm) 300 (L) X 115 (W) X 255 (H)
Filter Materials Sediment and Carbon


The all new KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher provides safe, clean and germ-free water. The water filter pitcher removes physical and chemical impurities so that you get safe, clean and germ-free water.

Removal of Physical & Chemical Impurities

Removes Physical & Chemical Impurities

KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher removes physical, chlorine and odour from water making it completely safe and suitable for consumption.

Smart Design

Smart Design

KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher has space saving design that can be easily kept into any type of refrigerator doors. The pitcher comes with an easy fill lid and comfort grip handle, which provides convenience in dispensing water into a bottle or glass.

Unbreakable Food-grade Plastic Construction

Unbreakable Food Grade Plastic

KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher is designed using unbreakable food grade plastic which makes it highly durable. The non-breakable food grade plastic ensures that you receive great tasting water.

3.5 Litres Filtration Pitcher

3.5 Litres Filtration Pitcher

The 3.5 litres filtration pitcher comes with advance filter that purifies upto 1000 Litres of water thereby allowing you to drink safe water. The filter lasts for 1000 Litres or 3 months before it needs replacement.


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