Jal 10 Antibacterial Beads

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Mechanism of Antibacterial activity of Beads

If bacteria in water and JAL 10 beads are connected, silver will be absorbed into bacteria and penetrated into cells. Silver and plentiful enzymes in bacterial cells will react to hinder enzyme operations and constrain and destroy bacterial evolutions.

Antibacterial Beads JAL 10 Kills Bacteria within 5 Mins.

Application Areas:-

   Swimming Pools

   Water Storage facilities

   Effluent Treatment Plants

   Air Conditioners

   Water Submerged System


Jal 10 Antibacterial Beads

What are Antibacterial Beads JAL 10 ?

Antibacterial ceramic beads are made of inorganic compound. It has the functions of highly effective antibacterial mold proofing, cleaning water and preventing the bacterial & fungal growth. It acts as a time-released capsule maintaining a constant level of protection from bacterial and virus in the water. All surfaces in contact with the water are also treated to prevent the growth of biofilm.


Controls a Broad Spectrum of bacteria and fungi. Easy to apply in drop- in or flow – through devices. Non Toxic and safe for use with drinking water. Non corrosive on plumbing or sensitive components. Gets rid of water’s bad smells


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