Grand Plus Alkaline Water purifier

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Aquafresh Grand plus Ro water purifier.
12 Stage purifier
RO+UV+UF+TDS controler+Alkaline+PhEnhancer

1 Stage:Pre Filter
2nd Stage:Antiscalant
3rd Stage:Iron Remover
4th stage:Sediment
5th Stage:Carbon
6th Stage: RO Membrane works up to 4000 TDS
7th stage: UF Membrane
8th Stage: UV Membrane
9th Stage: Post Silver carbon
10th Stage: Minerals type1(Ca)
11th stage: Minerals type2(Na)
12th stage:Minerals Type3(K)
13th stage:Minerals Type 4(Mg)

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Product Comes without warranty and installation.
Installation charges as per actual and applicable tax extra.
Warranty Rs.3500 extra

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