Leaupure Fully Automatic Water softener with Ion exchange resin

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Fully Automatic, Micro Processor Controlled Operation.
Self Operation without Assistance of a technician at time of regeneration.
SS 304 Skid for mounting whole system.
Auto ON-OFF System with Level Sensor for Feed pump.
LED Panel display,Water flow,OBR Pump Status.
Auto On – OFF System with Level Sensor for Feed pump.
LED Panel display, Water flow,OBR,Pump Status.
Maintenance Free,Durable&Volume Base automatic maltiport Value

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Model : ORG Automatic Softener
Max.Flow Rate : 3000 Lph
Working Temperature : 5 to 50C
Working pressure : 0.15-0.6 Mpa
OBR(Basis On 500ppm) : 10000 Liter
Resin Quantity : 100 Liter
Salt Required for Regeneration : 15 Kg
Inlet/Outlet Size : 1″
Dimensions in mm : L 395*W 840*H 1680

Under the brand of Leaupure, the Leaupure 3000 LPH was released and it tops the list of best water softener reviews. This one one is best suited for a medium size family. This device has got a digital display which comes along with other distinctive feature, which makes the assembling part easy for its users.

This Leaupure 3000 LPH Water Softener is a salt based system, which means that it require the regeneration process to take place. The Leaupure 3000 LPH has some automated mechanisms inbuilt which make the regeneration process less complicated one.

For the purpose of water softening, this machine is considered one of the best available in the market now. There are also chances that you may not even complaint about the product, because of its effective way of softening liquid.

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It has an awesome capacity of grain handling, which points up to 96000 in numbers. Now you may feel that the regeneration part needs some work by us, which is false. The manufacturers have tried to design the machine so that it needs less maintenance charge.

This machine uses a digital meter kind of mechanism, you need to simply enter the number on the screen and there will be only the work of replacing the salt mass frequently.

Leaupure 3000 LPH Water Softener is best rated products. This is suitable for the family of 3 to 6 members only. Do choose wisely for your family.When you purchase this machine, you will receive two things. First the computer based water softener review and a big brine solution tank, therefore you will need a drain and a normal 120 volts power supply to get started with this. Before installation make sure you have chosen the right place. Make sure that you have arranged almost 3.1 feet * 19 inches for the installation


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