Eureka Forbes Aquasure Ro+Uv

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It is a known fact that healthy drinking water is key to a child’s mental and physical development. Get this Eureka Forbes Aquasure RO + UV water filter and capitalize on the benefits of safe and pure drinking water.

A trendy addition to your modern kitchen, this Aquasure electric water purifier flaunts an elegant, sleek body and has a capacity of eight litres. Thanks to the six purification stages with RO + UV, this water purifier assures you safe drinking water to quench your thirst. The Reverse Osmosis process and Quartz UV Filtration removes excess TDS, harmful chemicals, bacteria, virus and protozoa present in water.


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Model Name Aquasure RO+UV
Series Aquasure
Color White& Grey
Total Capacity 8 L
Purifying Technology RO+ UV
Electrical Type Electrical and Storage
Purification Features Reverse Osmosis, UV


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