Aventura Resin for any water softner

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Aventura resin for water softener,

220 NA water softener resin for any water softener,

Min order must be 5 Ltr Resin,

Works up to 800 PPM water hardness

100 in stock



Product description:

We are offering our clients with cation exchange resin that are available in models Axion SH 20 and Axion S 220. This Cation Exchange Resin have outstanding physical, chemical and thermal stability and are suitable for boiler feed water, cooling water treatment, process water and hot water systems. Features of Axion S220:

  • Strongly acidic
  • Supplied moist in sodium form
  • Used for softening in Na+ form.
  • Specifications in compliance with
    E.E.C & F.D.A. regulations for use in the
    treatment of food & water

Features of Axion SH20

  • Excellent physical, chemical and thermal stability
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Higher exchange capacities: Lower resin quantity required
  • EEC and FDA approved
  • Higher packing density: Lower space requirement
  • Service flow rate up to 40 BV/hr possible
  • IS:7330-1988


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