Automatic Sand Filter and Automatic Water Softner

103,000.00 68,440.00

Flow Rate/ Capacity (Max.)

Upto 3000 LPH

Vessel Diameter:330 mm (13 Inch)

Vessel Height:1372 mm (54 Inch)

Weight:145 kg (Approx)

Resin (PR-800/PR – 1200):100 Litres NSF Certified

Output on 200ppm Hardness:30000 Litres

Max. Vessel Operating Pressure:10 Bar

Salt Regeneration Quantity:16 kg

Brine Tank:80 Litres

Type of MPV:Top Mount

Mode of operation:Automatic

Units: One Sand Filter and One Water softner with 1354 vessel


Automatic Sand Filter used for

– Portable water treatment

– Pre-treatment before the Reverse Osmosis

– Pre-treatment before filtration

– Waste water treatment

– Boiler feed water treatment

– Softening treatment

– Iron remover filtration

Capacity:3000 LPH

Automatic Softener Used for Water Softeners are completely a non-electric appliance, they come equipped with a smart digital notification system. Remembering to clean or refill the water softener with salt will no longer be a problem. The intelligent appliances alert the user whenever in need of cleaning. Water softeners effectively measure the level of hardness, salt and bring the information straight to the LED panel.

Water Softeners are designed to treat hard water to make it soft. The product range includes three models that cater to unique needs of our customers. From homes to industries, the water softeners work flawlessly according to your needs.

The Vessel

The major part of the water softener is a vessel. The cylindrical shaped vessel contains the media that purifies water effectively.

Multifunctional Valve

The valve mounted on the head of the vessel can perform multiple tasks to help the system work flawlessly. You can simply switch between the modes according to your specific needs. The valve connects input and output ports and also provides scope for cleaning.

Salt Water Tank

A salt water tank helps the user clean the vessel. User can simply connect the tank with the vessel to start cleaning. By choosing the cleaning mode through valve, users can easily fill the vessel with salt water to keep the resin active.

water softener is strategically designed to treat hard water. When the water enters into vessel, the resins remove impurities such as Mg and Ca and provide soft water.


The water softener works with the help of ion-exchange method. The media used in the water softener is in form of food-grade resin beads. These elements are microscopic beads that catch excessive amount of calcium and magnesium ions.


The cleaning of vessel is really easy and simple. Whenever the resin needs regeneration, the smart display system notifies you so you can flush out the impurities with salt water.



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