Auto softener for Bathroom

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Compact water softener with 8 Ltr Resin which gives you 800 to 1000 Ltr of Soft water depending on Water hardness.
Which will be installed using Plumbing materials for entire bathroom, Just for Geyser or washing machine or dish washer .
Manual you nee dto do regeneration once in week, Per regeneration need to use 1 kg salt water better to use clean salt. Provided by paanimart

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  • Features
    Autosoft Home comes with distinctive Purple Resin Media.
    Revolutionary Food Grade which does not leach out harmful chemicals, hence treated water is useful for utensil cleaning.
    Unique purple colour differentiates itself fromlocally available industrial or recycled resin that is ideally not suitable for resedential purposes.
    Prevents stains on kitchen appliances.
    Maintains heating efficiency of water heater.
    Saves soap and shampoo.
    Saves cooking gas.

Technical Specification

Parameters Leaupure Auto Mini
Water Flow 1000LPH
Dimensons (L*W*H) 330*470*660 (mm)
Inlet Water Pressure required (Min-Max) 1.5 to 3.5 kg/cm²
Inlet max Hardness (As Caco3) 500 ppm
Treated Hardness (As Caco3) <50 ppm
Inlet/Outlet Connection Size 1″
Drain Line 1/2″
Electric Supply 2230 V AC/6 Amp


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