Aquasure Crystal UV water purifier


AquaSure Crystal UV goes a long way to protect your family’s health. Its 3-stage UV water purifier removes floating particles, organic/chemical compounds and kills harmful viruses. Its electronic monitoring system ensures pure and safe drinking water for your family, always.
3 Stage
UV Water Purifier Sediment Filter removes floating particles and Carbon Block removes organic & chemical compounds while UV Tech eliminates bacteria & viruses.
Electronic Monitoring System
This protects your fa

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Material of Construction Food grade, Non-Toxic engineering Plastics. Filter Cartridges Clarity cartridge, carbon block and UV lamp Input Water Temperature (degree) 5°C – 45°C Input Water Turbidity ( NTU) 25 Rated Voltage (Volts) 230 volts 50 Hz Dimensions 380 x 245 x 275 in mm (H x W x D) Net Weight ( Kg) 6.5 kg Power Rating (Watts) 25 watts Purification Capacity (Liters) 6000
Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Please check TDS level in input water before installation of RO purifier.

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