Aquaguard Classic UV


E-boiling +
This technology purifies water completely and destroys all known diseases-causing bacteria and virus to make every drop as safe and pure as water boiled for 20 minutes.

Intelligent Purity Sensor System
It continuously scans the water to give 100% safe water.

New Looks
The Aquaguard Classic lives up to its name with a stylish new look that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean and maintain.

Mineral Preserver System
Electronic impulses are produced to prevent scal

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Water Flow Rate* 1 litre/minute Purifying Technology Ultra Violet (UV) Filtration / Purification Modules Particulate Filter, Activated Carbon, Ultraviolet Applicable TDS Range in Input Water Not above 500 mg/litre TDS Reduction Not Applicable Applicable Input Water Pressure Range 0.4 – 2.0 kg/ cm 2 Max Input water chlorine 2ppm (max.) Input Water Temperature 10°C – 45°C Input Water Turbidity 15 NTU (max.) Input Water Iron content ( Max) 0.3 mg/lit. (max) Tank Capacity No Storage Dimension 355×1-2.5×307 in mm (W x D x H) Net weight 4.16 Kg Power Rating 18 Watts Input Voltage 230 V AC/50 Hz
* Water Flow Rate depends on input water pressure and condition of the filters
Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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