Aquafresh RO+UV+UF+Alkaline

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ISO 9001-2008 Certified
Aquafresh 10 stage RO water purifier.
Works up to 2000 TDS
No Warranty and Guarantee given, Installation charges extra and warranty Rs.3000 extra.
Food grade ABS plastic Body.
Auto flush
Added Minerals without TDS controller.
100GPD Motor To get 15 LPH water.
24VDC Motor for long life.
Storage Tank:- 8 Ltr
Fully Automatic.

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Stages Of Purification.
1) Pre Filter-Cleans Physical Impurities up to 5 micron
2) Antiscalant-Stops Sclaing formation on RO membrane and enhance Membrane life
3) Magnetic Softener:-Removes Iron and Magnesium from the water to enhance the life of the RO Membrane.
4) Sediment Filter:- Stops all Physical impurities up to 5 micron.
5) Pre Carbon Filter-Removes Bad smell, Odor and Chlorine from the water.
6) RO Membrane- Orginal Filmtech DOW 75 GPD Membrane to remove Hard metals, Minerals and chemicals from the water along with Virus and Bacteria.
7) UV Chamber- Deactivates Microorganisms which is less than 0.001 micron size gives E-Boiling kind treatment.
8) UF Chamber-Removes Dead and deactivated Microorganisms from the water.
9) Nano Silver Carbon- Gives Taste to the water and stops organic and fungi growth in the water.
10) Minerals stage 1-Adds Essential minerals which is required for the body.
11) Minerals Stage 2-PH Balancer of the water.
12) Minerals Stage 3-Adds Essential minerals which is required for the body.


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