Alkaline Jug 3.5

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Water with Energy.

First time in india 3.5 ltr Jug.

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# Excellent effect such as vitamin C
# Removes acidic waste from body
# Water and nutrients are absorbed more effectively into the body.
# Supplies minerals to help the balance of metabolism
# Makes better water taste.
# Lower ORP value as similar as inside of our body
# pH value changes into Alkaline water
# Water cluster size is reduced for superior hydration
# Remove harmful active oxygen ( Free radical Oxygen)
# Antioxidant alkaline Jug cartridge convert your ordinary Tap/RO water into antioxidant healthy and Mineral enriched water.
# Helps dissolve and excrete body wastes from human body
(Prevention of Constipation)

Antioxidant Jug decreases the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) and makes antioxidant alkaline water, which tastes fresh and clean. Smaller water clusters increase the vitality and lift the positive effect of water.

Also, NMR-Analyses (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) show that normal tap water has a size of about 100 to 130 (Hz) H20 molecules. After passage through the Alkaline Jug Filter, the size becomes 50 to 60 (Hz) H20 molecules.

What is free radical?
Free radical is principal factor to cause all kinds of diseases and ageing. It acidifies our bodies by attacking healthy cells with its destructive power.


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