9 Stage RO+UV+UF+TDS Control+Minerals

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L’eapure 9 Stage Purifier is India’s First RO water purifier with economical rate with all features of Leading brands,
Original Hollow Fiber UF Memrbane
Works on 2.5 AMP SMPS with inbuilt Auto flush.
Free External Filter with Antiscalant

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Purification Stages Method Benifit
1st Stage Pre filter Cleans Turbidity,mud up to 5 Micron
2nd Stage Anti Scalant Stops Scaling formation on the membrane
3rd Stage Sediment Filter Cleans Turbidity, mud up to 5 Micron
4th Stage Pre carbon Bad Taste, Odur and smell remover
5th Stage RO Membrane Cleans up to 0.0001 Micron TDS reduction up to 95%
6th Stage UV sterilization Deactivate Virus and Bacteria
7th Stage Hallow fiber Ultra Filtration Cleans up to 0.001 Micron
8th Stage Post Silver Carbon Taste Enhancer and stops Fungul growth
9th Stage Mineral Cartridge Adds Essential Minerals to water

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Dimensions 30 x 42 cm


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