500 LPH RO Plant with Alkaline RO

175,000.00 150,000.00

For 500 LPH RO plant you have to give us water testing report from Lab, We also coduct water test which will cost you Rs.1000!
Based on water testing report we will configure the Product for you! For Mineral water plant cost will be more! This plant you can use for apartment Industrial or office use purpose

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(1)SS Skid-nose(1)
(2)Raw water Pump1hp.-nose(1)make by-CRI,Shakti
(3)Vessale size12″48-nose(2)make by-Pentair
(4)Multiport valve-nose(2)make by-Initative,ukl
(5)Pressurer guage SS-nose(4)make by-Pg flo,viga,oceanstar
(6)Flow meter-nose(2)make by-Fluid,Aster,Ukl
(7)Big Blue housing-nose(2)make by-gopani
(8)Automatic control panel-nose(1)make by-Aster,Sng
(9)LPS Switch-nose(1)make by-Aster,Indfos
(10)Dosing Pump-nose(1)make by-initiative E-dose
(11)Membrane housing 4080-nose(1)make by-Inflo ss,UKL,Alfa
(12)High pressurer pump-nose(1)make by-CRI,Leo,Shakti
(13)Membrane-nose(2)make by-CSM,Vontron,Keensen
(14)Carbon (25kg.)
(15)Sand media(50kg.)
(16)Fitting Upvc-make by-Astra


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