4040 CRI RO Membrane

10,990.00 8,990.00

Product description:

Product details:

Brand CSM
Length 40
Diameter 4 inch
Color White

Product description:

We are reckoned as prominent enterprise offering most leading brands RO Membrane. Our offered range of membrane includes brackish water, sea water, ultra filtration, nano filtration, low fouling and low energy membrane. Available in 8040 and 4040 standard sizes, we are offering these high performing membranes at the best prices.


CRI RO Membrane Model:4040

Min Order Qty must be  5 to get this price. WE supply only Genuine and Original spare parts.

No Warranty and No Replacement for the same Membrane.

Product description:


  • Water Purifier System
  • Hospital Water Treatment
  • Waste WAter treatment
  • Food Processing
  • Spacial liqid treatment


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