4 STAGE RO water Purifier

7,990.00 5,500.00

Storage:10 Ltr

Dimension: HWD;52:42:28 cm

Reject water: 1:2 ratio

Power Consumption; 35 watt

Input water pressure:<2 Kg

Inpute water quality: Less Chlorine, Less Iron and Less Turbidity

Works up to :750 TDS*


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Leaupure Water purifier launches most economical water purifier with 4 stage purification.

Stage 1: Sediment Filter for cleaning Turbidity, Mud and dust from water up to 10 Micron,

Stage 2: Carbon Block for removing Chemical smell,Chlorine and odur from the water.

Stage 3: RO Filter 80 GPD with up to 95% TDS reduction.

Stage 4: Post Silver carbon for Taste Enhance and sweetness in the water.


Good Offer only for Bangalore with 6 month warranty on filters and 2 year warranty for Pump.

Out of Bangalore transport cost on to pay basis and Installation charges Rs.350 to installation person.


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