250 LPH RO for Commercial Use

150,000.00 85,000.00

250 LPH RO Plant can be used for 2000 Ltr per day usage.
Before Ordering the Plant one must give us Water Test report, Based on water testing report we will customise the Product accordingly rate will change.
Plant works up to 2000 TDS level.

Please Note: Warranty is only for Electrical parts for one year against replacement only.

Installations and Transport cost need to be paid by customer.

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1)SS Skid-Nose- 1
(2)Vessel make by Pentair-nose-1size -12″48
(3)Multiport valve make by initiative-nose-1
(4)Flow meter make by fluid,-Aster,-nose-2
(5)Pressure Guage SS make by pg flo, viga ,ocesnstar-nose-4
(6)Big Blue housing make by Gopani- nose-1
(7)Automatic panel-make by-aster,sng-nose-1
(8)Raw Water pump-make by-CRI, Shakti
(9)High pressure pump-make by-CRI, Leo, Shakti
(10)Membrane housing-nose(1)make by-Inflo ss, UKL, Alfa
(11)Membrane -nose(1)make by-CSM, Vontron, Keensen
(12)LPS switch-nose(1)make by aster.
(13)Fitting UPVC-make by-Aster


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