Senco Silver Nano Ionization 250 to 500 LPH

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After RO Process if you store any RO water in Storage tank there is a chance of Fungul or bacterial growth.

If you install the Silver Ionization water disinfection system for any RO Product it will take care of below points.

Salient Features:

  1. Works on Nano Technology
  2. Bacteriological water quality as per IS10500 and IS14543
  3. Suitable for 24 watt to /36 watt/48 volt DC
  4. Flow rate Min 100 LPH,250 LPH,500 LPH
  5. Replace UV , UF  ,Ozonization and Chlorination for Pure water.
  6. Good residual effect,Water can be stored for longer period of time even protects from secondary contamination.
  7. No Bio Fouling in storage tanks .
  8. No Change in PH taste and Odur.
  9. Suitable for Simple water purifiers and RO Water purifiers.
  10. Can be connected to Existing water purifier also.
  11. Product is Patent reserved.
  12. Dosage within IS10500,IS14543 and WHO standards
  13. Kills All Pathogens and passes all tests for drinking water, Packaged drinking water,application as per IS10500 and IS14543, Total viable colony count at 37.c Total Vialbe colny count at 22.c , Ecoli,Coliform,Pseudomonas,Aureginosa, Sulphate reducing anaerobes.
  14. No Smell and No change in taste
  15. Low capital cost and Low operation cost can be fixed online and offline.


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